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DIY Spotlight Installation

Spotlights can change the look of your room. You can fix LED spotlights on wall alcoves/niches by creating a simple wooden structure to hold your spotlights.


Using a dovetail like mechanism, you can hang a long piece of wood from the ceiling.

For making the hanging mechanism, you can cut a 6 inch long piece of 2 inch x 1.5 inch hardwood into 3 pieces, such that you would get a the central dovetail screwed on to the ceiling. The other 2 pieces are fitted on the ply /board on which the lights would be mounted. A 2" wide solid wood strip is fixed from the front, which hides the dovetail mechanism.

Most of the walls would have a pipe for concealed wiring somewhere on the wall. Once you locate the pipe, drill carefully thru the wall to open up the pipe, taking care to remove the cables in the pipe beforehand. Electrical connections for the spotlights can be pulled in thru this. Please get your electrician to do this for you.

The whole board and lighting assembly can easily be slid out for maintenance

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