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Repairing Sliding Doors of Wardrobe

Sliding doors of my wardrobe got jammed some months ago. After cleaning the wheels and slider grooves, the doors were still tight.

Wheels of the sliders were loose. An earlier repair was done with M-Seal to reconstruct the place where the screws for wheels were attached. Checked if that needed to be redone.

One of the other wheels needed to be re-fixed. Reconstructed that area with Beechwood beading strips and let it dry overnight. Cleaned up the excess wood with a chisel after glue had dried.

In addition to the wheels being loose, there was one more problem which needed to be fixed. The wardrobe had a wide central portion, which had sagged by about 3 mm, as a result, all the doors were getting stuck in the central part. This was fixed by supporting the central portion using old curtain rods, cut to the required length with an angle grinder.

Abracadabra !!! The doors were smooth again !!!

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