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Installing a new Washing Machine/Dishwasher

Installing Bosch Dishwasher

You have purchased a new washing machine or a dishwasher and want to install it. The new machine needs 3 main utilities - electricity, water inlet and water exit. Once you buy the components from the market, you can call for an electrician/plumber to install these. You will need a drill to install clamps for the exit water line.


Front load washing machines and dishwashers need a 15A socket as they heat the water. You will have to have an extension of your existing 15A line till where you plan to install the machine. The switchboard should be easy to access, so that you can switch off the plug, in case you go on standby power, during a wash cycle. Contact your local electrician to get this installed.

Inlet Line

You can tap into your existing water outlet to get your line for washers. From your line, put a T joint and a tap for each of your washing machines. You can buy PVC pipe and accessories from your neighbourhood plumbing shop. You will need a L elbow with inside threads on 1 elbow and a T with inside threads on the perpendicular arm. The elbows are to be joined with the pipe using PVC cement. You can use cable ties to secure the pipes to balcony grill/other structure.You can do this installation yourself.


Use a 1.5" pipe for your exit line. The drain pipe should be projecting up a foot from the floor. This way, you can leave machine's drain pipe into the drainage. You will need 4-5 L joins and 1 T join for this. The contact cement for exit is different from the one used for the inlet pipe.

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