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Woodworking, Hand Tools and Kids Workshops

May has been a hectic month, with a variety of workshops.

First was a pilot of "Woodworking with Hand Tools" Workshops in Pune

A workshop designed to help you use and maintain hand tools. You can contact us to schedule this workshop for yourself.

Spatula and Dovetail joinery

Saw made during the workshop:


Woodworking for kids (age 10 years old)@ Bangalore

A concise version of "Woodworking with Hand Tools", suitable for children.


Family workshop for Fenny at her residence. You can see Kydo's Home Made Table Saw and the Home Workbench, being used. These can be easily carried around in a car.


Rubberwood Shoe racks made by 8th graders at a premier school in Bangalore, using a mix of hand and power tools.

Dimensions of shoe rack : 4 ft wide, 3 ft tall. Capacity 30 pairs of shoes.

19mm Rubberwood board : 8 ft x 4 ft


Team building workshop at Social, Koramangala to build a pinewood bench.

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