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Mounting Power Tools on a Bench

You can upgrade your hand held power tools to the table mounted versions with these simple steps:

Material : 14 " x 14" 12 mm plywood : 2 pieces

2 Inch long M6 bolts and wing nuts

Making the base plate:

  • Draw the base of your power tool (Circular saw/palm router/jigsaw) on one of the pieces of 14"x14". The hand tool should be inside the 14x14 board, without any projections anywhere.

  • Cut out the hole for the base plate using a drill and a jigsaw. Make sure the fit around the baseplate is very close.

  • Paste the two pieces of 14"x14" together with wood glue, use screws to hold the plates in place and help the glue dry.

Mounting the powertool:

  • Circular Saw : If your circular saw does not have mounting holes on the baseplate, drill 2 holes (with a 6 mm drill bit for metal) on a line parallel to the blade. Centre of gravity of the machine should pass through this line.

  • Drill matching holes on to your wooden baseplate, made earlier, keeping the tool inside the cutout for tool base. Make countersink holes for the 2" M6 Bolts, from the other side (top surface) of the base plate. The countersink should be hexagonal - to hold the bolt and prevent it from rotating.

  • Mount the power tool using the drilled holes on baseplate, bolts and secure using the wing nuts.

  • Start the motor and gently raise the blade height to maximum. The blade will cut an opening for itself.

  • Your table saw is ready. Make a guide fence and a crosscut sled to get the maximum milage out of your saw. Also, fix a safety switch to enable you to safely switch on the motor and quickly switch it off.

Use similar process to mount your jigsaw and router. You can have separate plates for each tool or mount Jigsaw and router on the same plate. Jigsaw will need a roller guide arm as an accessory. A router will need an edge guide as well, but this one will be different than the one for your table saw.

Tools Used:

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