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Workbench for Home Workshop

A workbench is a must if you want to start woodworking or any other DIY activity at home.

It will add a lot to your productivity and ergonomics of working.

You can build this simple workbench in a day with 2 sheets of 12 mm Plywood. The design is derived from the Paulk Workbench (available on Youtube).

The table top is a generous 2 ft x 4 ft and can accommodate large as well as small projects. At the same time it is small enough to fit under a bed or can be carried around in a car. The top has circular holes which can be used for clamping your workpieces.

I designed a square opening on one side of the table for fitting a 14"x14" plate, on to which I have mounted a circular saw - to make my circular saw. You can similarly get your table router and table jigsaw.

Break down the two nos 8 ft x4 ft sheets into 8 pieces of 4 ft x 2ft

1. 2 pieces of 4'x2' for bench top and Bottom

2. 2 pieces of 4'x2' for legs - further cut into 4 pieces of 2 ft x 2 ft

3. 1 piece of 4'x2' divided into 4'x6" - 2 pcs for bench sides; 2' x 6" 3 pieces for cross pieces

Other pieces of 4' x 2' to be used for the accessories required for your work.

Thickness of this version is 6", which is insufficient to accommodate a circular saw with blade retracted. You can redesign this to have a thickness of 12", which will be sufficient to accommodate most hand held power tools in the bench mode.

Alternate design for legs with storage below the bench top.

Workbench for home use with fixed legs

Mail for a design, if you want to place an order for this or build this for yourself.

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