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Woodworking with Kids

Introduce your kids to work with their hands early. Kids exposed to handwork develop better hand eye coordination - leverage motor skills and muscle memory as an aid to learning.

They would discover that making stuff is much more fun than just buying stuff.

in US and Europe kids have woodworking as part of their summer camps - which help them become comfortable with using their hands and tools.


Start with the basics - hammer, screwdriver, cordless drill kit. Get kids to know how to drill holes, screw and unscrew with a screwdriver. Then get them to hammer nails, bending wires and nails with a plier. Help kids explore the tools with simple projects for making toys.

Learning to use the Hammer
Learning to Drill

Some ideas for projects are - Cars & Car Garage- Dollhouse- Birdhouse- Artefacts for a festival like Diwali, Christmas, Birthday etc.

Classroom Benches made by kids of 9-11 grade
Decorative Birdhouses

Once the toy structure is ready, get them to paint the toy in colours of their choice and you would not be able to stop them play.

Painting - An Engrossing Activity
Creativity with random pieces
Cars ready for painting

Older kids who can operate CAD software can experiment with 3D Modelling with Sketchup, CNC routing/laser cutting and get their designs made at a nearby Makerspace. They can also use simple power tools like Jigsaw under adult supervision. Kids 9th grade and above can operate all the powertools.

Even you can rediscover your childhood, with wood !!!

No Age limit for playing with wood

Kits for birthday parties / holiday camps / dollhouse / birdhouse etc can be supplied as required, please contact

(Currently available in Bangalore and Pune)

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