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Woodworking Projects for Garden

Basic Carpentry Workshop - 3rd Project with Ply

Basic Carpentry Workshop - 3rd project with ply

Garden is a place where you can get really creative with your woodworking skills. There are a lot of opportunities for organising your pots, create supports for creepers, make grow-beds and make garden furniture. Here is what some of the participants of Basic Carpentry Workshop, have made for their garden/terrace garden. Garden is a good place to start with woodworking, since there are no moving parts and fit and finish is not as important as indoor furniture.

One cost effective option is to use palette wood, which is available at 40-50 Rs per kg. Pinewood, available at 900 per cubic ft is also a good option. Make sure to seal the end grain and apply PU top coat to anything you make with wood. The life of the polish/coating will depend on exposure to sunlight, rain and daily temperature variations.

Terrace Bench with recycled wood : Made in Bangalore by Meena


Planter Stand with Recycled Wood : Made in Bangalore by Rajneesh


Trellis for Cucumber made with Plywood : Made in Bangalore by Bharat


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