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Planning Kitchen Appliances

Good kitchen appliances ensure that the time you spend in kitchen is pleasurable and you have the right tools to aid your cooking. The essentials are built-in Hob, matching hood. Built-in Optionals are Induction Hob, Microwave, Convection Oven, and dishwasher.

Hobs : Go for brass burners, these produce more heat and enable faster cooking. Lot of people avoid built-in burners as the built-in burners don't produce as much heat. However, the built-in ones are easier to clean and maintain. Most of the modern hobs have their parts made by the italian company Defendi. Even high end brands have the burners made by Defendi. Look for hobs with good designs at competitive prices, usually bundled with a hood.

Induction hobs provide a quick and efficient way to cook food. Keep in mind that these require a lot of power and won't work on generator backups most of the time. So have this in parallel to your gas hobs. (30 cm units are available from most built in appliance vendors.

There should be no wooden cabinets exactly above the gas hobs. Plumbing for gas piping should be done after the carcass for the kitchen is installed.

Hoods: Main function is to keep the oil fumes from spreading in the rest of kitchen. Go for either a 800 m3/hr suction capacity for a floor area of upto 120 sqft. A larger kitchen would need a suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr. Wall mounted models are much cheaper than the island models. 800 m3/hr is sufficient for upto 120 sqft kitchen area. A larger kitchen will need a higher suction capacity

The exhaust pipe should be as short as possible, to reduce the motor load and noise. Go for a larger dia (6") aluminium exhaust pipe. Avoid PVC piping for exhaust - accumulated oil fumes at elevated temperatures are a fire hazard. Island hobs need false ceiling to get the exhaust out of the room. False ceiling/gypsum boards can also be used to hide the exhaust pipe for wall mounted hoods. Rate for gypsum boards is 50-60 Rs psft


Convection Oven: A built-in convection oven is a must if you bake a lot. Built-in ovens are energy efficient, since they have insulation around the body to prevent heat leakage. Built-in ovens cost a minimum of 30K. If your use is less than once a month, get a stand alone oven for cost effectiveness. On the other hand, if you are a home baker, plan for 2-3 of these!!!

Microwave: A microwave is a very convenient way to heat food. You should budget atleast 30K, if you want this. However it does have some health related worries and its use is avoided in European homes.


A built-in dishwasher would blend seamlessly in the kitchen interior vs a stand alone model. A stand-alone model is cheaper and easier to service and access, whenever the need arises.

Read up on planning and budgeting your kitchen woodwork here. If you have an existing kitchen, you can build your own oven cabinet over a weekend. Read about it.

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