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A Dream House - Dollhouse

Kids have a lot of toys these days. Small ones and Large ones. To ease managing and organising the toys, a dollhouse is a great idea, which can be built easily over a weekend with 2 sheets of MDF/Ply.

A similar structure for boys can be a garage to display all the cars and can be painted in suitable colours. A long slope from top of the shelf till the floor, can serve as a race track. There are a lot of possibilities when kids get down to designing and making their own house.

As the kids grow up, the structure can be used as a bookshelf or as a storage unit.

This dollhouse was made with waterproof MDF, 19mm thick and a 12 mm waterproof MDF sheet for the back. MDF acts as an excellent base for painting, as well as providing adequate water resistance. Heavy duty lockable wheels provided easy mobility to the structure.

Dimensions WxHxD: 48"x48"x16". Each of the shelves is 16" high. Balconies are 8" wide. Cut Plan for the 19 mm board of 8 ft x 4 ft is below. Mail me if you want the Sketchup file for this.

Dollhouse Plan

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