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DIY Wall Panel with Reclaimed Plywood

Progress pics of a DIY wall panel/false ceiling from recycled plywood.

A retail outlet had moved into a smaller place and was on tight budget for interiors.

The initial pictures show exposed AC plumbing. The store display graphic boards are also not supported properly and store had an unfinished look. Subsequent pics show the stages of construction of the wall panel/false ceiling and the eventual finished look.

Gypsum boards , which are typically used for false ceilings are increasingly popular for home interiors. However they are very difficult to recycle, and are seeing reducing applications for retail, where the lifecycle of interiors is very short (typically 3 yrs). Gypsum board false ceiling, used at the earlier location, was completely wasted during the move to the new place. A lot of reclaimed wood was available for use in the new place, which was used during this project.

For commercial applications, it is best to use plywood and paint it with acrylic paint, to get a similar finish, as that with the gypsum boards. Plywood can be reused very easily either as whole sheets or cut into smaller pieces as required.

Material used :

6 mm plywood : 3 boards

19 mm plywood for framing : 1 board

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