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Pinewood frame for LED Panel Lights and track lights

A retail outlet in Bangalore moved store to a new location. It had LED panel lights for lighting @ the old store. The panel lights and track lights were mounted on false ceiling. In the new store, given the limited budget for interiors, false ceiling was skipped. The higher ceilings reduced the need to run air conditioners all the time - but some way was needed to mount and use existing LED panel lights.

Modular frames, which could be moved easily, in case the store moved again. A combination of Pre-laminated Plywood and Pinewood was used to make the frames for mounting LED lights and track lights.

There were 2 sizes of LED lights - 6 W and 22 W.

Smaller frames were designed to hold 2 x 6w lights. The frames were fixed with a single anchor bolt in the centre

Larger frames can hold 3 x 22 w lights . Ttrack lights, can be mounted in the pinewood frames.

Side view schematic for the lamp mounts.

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