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Shop for Your Workshop Tools

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

VISIT Kydo's Shopping Page for convenient shopping

Setting up your own workshop? Get the right quality of tools for the right price. A lot of the basic tools are available online. So you should be able to manage with just one visit to your city market (SJP road in Bangalore, Ravivar Peth in Pune) to buy only those tools which you are unable to get online. Note : the below list is valid for the prices quoted, in case the prices for the available tools change, list would need to be updated so as to get the best value for money.

Hand Tools

Taparia Clamps 2”x4 Rs.800/- City Market

Taparia 6” x 2 Rs.775/- City Market

Taparia 12" F clamps x 2 Rs.1600/-

Anant Planar No 110 Rs.300 City Market

Anand Planar No A4 Rs 550 City Market

Anant Spokeshave Rs 200/- City Market

3M Masks Rs 11 per mask @ Machpowertools

3M Safety Glasses Machpowertools

Carpenter's square Rs.350/- City Market

Files (Rectangular, Rasp & Round) Rs.100~200 each@ City Market

Stanley Chisel Set

@Pune : Raees Hardware : One stop shop in Kothrud, Pune for hand tools, power tool accessories (90966 86615)

@ Bangalore : Universal Tools Corporation : For hand tools and accessories : 9341322853 / 08022237078

Power Tools


1. Bosch GKS190 @ 7250 Amazon

OR Skil Circular Saw 5301 @Rs.3800 City Market

2. Black & Decker KS900EKX @4200 Amazon/@4200

Jigsaw Blades : Available on or

T119BO - for curve cutting

T101B - for straight clean cuts

T144D - straight cuts

T244D - curve + straight cuts

3. Trim(Palm) Router Dongcheng @Rs.1400 City Market

4. Trim Router collet : Trim routers have 6.35 mm collet std, router bits available for 6 mm shaft diameter. The collet will make the router work with 6 mm bits - city marker @ Rs 20~40/-

5. Router Bits @150 to 200 City Market - 6 mm bit, 12 mm bit, rounding bit, 6 mm laminate trimming bit.

7. Bosch Hole Saw cutter @Amazon Rs 418 / City Market⁠⁠⁠

8. Dongcheng Orbital Sander @Rs 1200/- City Market. (This one can clip-on sand papers which are locally available)

Next Step


1. GTS10-J Rs 45K,(Max cutting width 1.5'), City Market


Bangalore : Solid Woods and Rubberwood : Patel Timber Mart, Sarjapur Road (9035193366)

Pune : Rubberwood/Agrowood : J S Mutha, 87 Timber Market (9372024147)

Pinewood : Sharda Saw Mill, 24-B Timber Market (9822667826)

Saleh Sons and Co : For Dowel Nut/Bolts, Knobs and Handles for jigs, Aluminium Extrusions : 9448856079

The first project you should undertake after you get your tools is to make a workbench for to suit your requirement of space available and the type of projects you plan to undertake.

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