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Strategies for Planning and Budgeting your Kitchen

Kitchen Plan

Kitchen is the most important part of the home. We become who we are, with what is made in the kitchen. We cook our food and spend a great deal of time in there. A well designed and a well made kitchen helps our well being - is energy centre of every family. Given this, while allocating budget for interiors, we allocate a significant share to kitchen. It is a complex project but worth the effort put in, once it is ready.

DIY Kitchen : Dry Area

Following are the options

(Indicative budgets for 8ftx12ft parallel kitchen as shown in the drawings. All kitchen fittings would cost extra)

1. Local modular kitchen with MDF Carcass (factory built & assembled onsite) ( Budget 1-2L)

2. Kitchen built onsite with traditional carpentry (Budget 2-3L) : High Customisability, Durability

3. Websites like Homelane, Urbanladder, who manufacture the kitchen with modern equipment and is assembled onsite. (Budget 3-5L) : Factory Finish

4. Premium kitchens like Nolte, Venita Cuchine which are manufactured abroad and shipped to India (Budget 5-10L+) : Expensive, excellent finish

With a DIY Kitchen, your aim is to get the quality of Option 3 within 1.5L

DIY Kitchen : Wet Area

You can split up your kitchen work in following phases:

1. Design - get a designer to do it or copy a well designed existing kitchen to start-off. Plan everything right down to the last screw and create detailed shopping list. It will save you multiple trips to the market for all the accessories and avoid costly reworks.

2. Civil Work (A)

Electrical Wiring for all built in appliances - hood, hob, water filter, dishwasher,

Plumbing for water filter, dishwasher, heater

Core Cutting for Hood Exhaust

3. Carcass & Overhead Cabinets- Use BWR 19mm plywood, laminated on inside and Teak beading on all the edges. OH Cabinets would take additional skill to get the frame right as well as to mount the cabinet body on the wall. These would cost about 40K. Making charges, if you get a carpenter to do it: 20k

Civil Work (B)

Granite top installation, fixing of tiles and granite cutout for gas/induction hob is done once the cabinets are installed. First 2 items are often done by builder prior to handover.

4. Doors - Get the doors factory made after cabinets are installed. Doors would cost between 250 to 1500 per sqft depending on the material used and the finish desired.

This would give a factory finish to the most visible part of the kitchen at an affordable cost.

Costing for DIY Ply Doors : KitPly@115 + Lamination @ 100 + TeakBeading @ 20 = 250 psft ->25K

You could buy HDF Doors @ 250 ~ 500 psft, profesional installation @ 250 psft -> 50K ( )

5. Installation - Fit Doors and Hardware fittings in the carcass and finish. Fix the doors and hardware fittings yourself, using a manual screwdriver. (Avoid powered screwdrivers)

Material Cost incl 10K of hardware fittings : 75K -> 840psft

Additional Hardware fittings of 50K, would take total material budget to 1.25K.

All above Material Estimates are for 84sqft kitchen of wall area.

Reference Price for a factory made Marine Plywood Kitchen(only woodwork) : Rs 1900 psft 1.7 to 2.0L

This will take atleast 2 weeks to build end to end ( and longer in a live kitchen).

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