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Shoerack Build

External dimensions: 5 ft (w)x 3 ft (h)

Vertical (sides) : 36” Each with grooves -19 mm wide, 6 mm deep - at a distance of 14 1/16 “

Top 59” with 1 groove 19 mm wide, 6 mm deep in centre

Wall : 36” with 1 slits (from back) 19 mm wide, in centre.

Bottom Shelf : 59” with 1 slit (from front) 19 mm wide, in centre

Width of all components is 30.3 cm

(Structure is an extension of the second project of Basic Carpentry Workshop.)

Width of shelf gap : 28 29/32” (= 73.3 cm)

Doors (Drawer): 13 cm (h) x (73-1.5)cm -> Dims after 6 mm beading : 14.2 cm x 72.8cm

Doors (Shoerack): 17.5”(h) x (73-1.5)cm -> Dims after 6 mm beading : 18” x 72.8 cm

1” gap kept between drawer and the shoe rack door – this way no handles are required for either drawer or the door

Drawer pieces:

13 cm x 28 cm x 4 pcs : 12 mm ply

13 cm x 68.5 cm x 4 pcs : 12 mm ply

70.5 cm x 28 cm : 6 mm ply (drawer bottom)

Figuring out the method to square the frame and fix shoerack components took a lot of time.

Fitting the shoe rack fitting:

Shoe rack attachment ( ) was available at a local hardware store in Bangalore, each set cost Rs 300/-

1. Drill holes with 20 mm forstner bit for fitting the rectangular cross nut and fixed bush. These holes have to be at different heights for the adjacent shelves, since each is 12 mm deep.

If the bushes are at the same height, the 20mm hole would be thru and would not be able to hold either side of the tilting brackets.

2. Join left and right tilting brackets with wooden flats. Use guide bush thru the tilting brackets to screw onto the fixed bush on either side

3. Fix stoppers

Stay tuned for finishing and installation of this project.

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