Oct 31, 2018

Shellac Finish


Shellac finish is the holy grail of wood finishing.

Photo 1 : Wood stains - walnut and oak yellow (Vapocure MRF Paints), thinner and sanding sealer

Photo 2 : 6 colour powders on the left for staining the wood,

On the right - shellac flakes, chandrash/natural gum and denatured alcohol(sold as polish @ Pune , to dissolve shellac/gum flakes)

I mixed half pack of shellac flakes in 500 ml of the polish (denatured alcohol) - took about a day to dissolve - best applied with a rag/cloth. You can check Youtube videos on how to mix and apply shellac finish. Shellac finish is suitable for dry places - not suitable for table tops, gives a warm look to the wood


The shelf is finished with Oak yellow stain, applied with a 1 inch brush, followed by 2 coats of shellac, dissolved in denatured alcohol(polish) again applied with a brush. Last coat of shellac was applied with a rag.


For plywood, you will need to add 2 -3 layers of sanding sealer layer after the stain, and before the shellac mix. After each coat of sealer, sand with 220 grit paper. Sealer : Thinner = 1: 3

Oct 2


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More and more woodworkers are choosing traditional methods of finishing rather than quick fix solutions that don't age well. Shellac is an ...

By Followers Australia

Shellac is a warm colored finish for wood that's easy to apply with a rag, brush or sprayer. It dries quickly so multiple coats can be applied in ... by followersuk

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  • I used reclaimed pine wood (scrap or pallet pine wood). Cut the six planks at 30 deg. to make a hexagonal joint (each angle in a hexagon is 60 deg, so each plank needs to be cut at 30 deg, which when joined together will form a 60 deg.). Used circular saw to cut at 30 deg. Drilled holes in different patterns.I have a skil drill. I drilled the holes of different sizes, then used countersink bit to chamfer it. If ur bits r sharp and good, they shouldn't crack even with unseasoned pine Sanded off first layer with 180 grit then with 220 grit. Applied first coat of sanding sealer. Then sanded with 220 grit. Then glued all parts except for the lower portion (which would be screwed in after insertion of the light inside. Won't be gluing the lower side, as I'll need access to change the light sometime if required.) Applied second coat of sanding sealer. Sanded it using 400 grit. Then applied first coat of poly urethane. (At present the final 2 coats are pending) Made the LED bulb using LED strip on a cardboard roll (used in packing). Seasoned pine is one which is heat treated. If u buy from timber market, u have to ask for it. It is generally expensive than unseasoned. Seasoned one@ 1250/cu.ft and unseasoned @ 750/cu.ft. Seasoned pine generally has darker grain pattern. Scrap pine from scrap dealers is generally seasoned
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  • My first completed project. Made out of an old round table top. It’s a photo frame-table-cupboard made for my wife’s calligraphy and watercolour supplies. Q1. Is the magnet latch strong enough to hold both the horizontal and vertical boards intact when folded? Magnet is a standard magnet used for cupboards. It’s very strong. Q2. What is the name of the hinge that is attaching the horizontal board to the shelf part? The hinge is called a cabin hinge by Hafele. You can get it from Hafele swargate branch. They have a lot of interesting fittings. Q3. How did you achieve the distressed look? The look is called distressed. I’m not sure about the correct technique used to get a distressed look. I started painting with a few brush strokes and liked the look and decided to keep it this way. I took oil paint and painted it with a brush. I just moved the brush once or twice across the wood, thus covering only part of the wood with paint. The bristles of the brush give it that texture.
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