Oct 9, 2018

Kitchen Larder

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Material 19 mm ply, long cutting done at parking area, smaller ones inside.

Back is exposed, bottom inside the cabinet is the granite continuing from the floor.


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  • Making a bench to accommodate more people at the dining table. Didn't have much time so went for a very basic design. Material: 2"x2" (approx) pine for the legs and 3/4"x4.5" pine from pallets for the top. Joined 3 planks of 4' each with dowel joints to make the top. For the legs, all are basic butt joints but added pocket screws for bit more strength. The pocket screws are from aliexpress so have a philips drive rather then the square one that Kreg has. However, they stick out a bit over the top of the piece so i had to make matching divots on the underside of the top piece so it would sit properly. There were a couple of holes in the top which I filled with clear epoxy resin. Finishing: Asian Paints White Satin on the legs and Asian Paints Touchwood 1KPU for the top
  • Just completed my kitchen using teak wood and veneer and Hafele fittings. I’ve used probably all the techniques covered during Basic Carpentry Workshop. Thanks Deepak for the tips. They really came in handy. I Took the help of a carpenter. Design and most of the work was done by me though. 😀 Took about a month to complete working for 3-4 hours a day. Made a L join for the cabin doors. Used 12 mm width router bits for grooves and fevicol and thin nails for the joinery
  • I made a trellis (to support creeper/hanging plants). This is the assembled structure. They are cucumber and bitter gourd plants, about a month old. I got carried away while designing the trellis. It definitely did not need to be that heavy or sturdy.
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