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Oct 9

Material 19 mm ply, long cutting done at parking area, smaller ones inside. Back is exposed, bottom inside the cabinet is the granite continuing from the floor.
Aug 3

Just completed my kitchen using teak wood and veneer and Hafele fittings. I’ve used probably all the techniques covered during Basic Carpentry Workshop. Thanks Deepak for the tips. They really came in
Sep 14, 2018

Made a frame for a scratch off world map that we have. Not 100% perfect but passable Used the beading "Patti" glued to the back to form the step. These 90° ones I made as lap joints and the 45° joint
Oct 8

I made this bookshelf with plywood, laminate and had the inner painted with oil paint. I was working on this project after my office hours and on weekends. The wooden part of it was done in a few days
Dec 10, 2018

Making a bench to accommodate more people at the dining table. Didn't have much time so went for a very basic design. Material: 2"x2" (approx) pine for the legs and 3/4"x4.5" pine from pallets for the
Sep 14, 2018

Handmade Wooden box for storing sewing kit...with different wooden inlays on top.... Added chain on side... And a jewelery box latch in front The pieces for thread spool are from wooden dowels cut to
Aug 27

The legs are supporting the plywood. Had used nails and thickness of the legs was more that's y din't nail from inside . Ideally should have made rabbits on the leg to support the frame on it it would
Sep 15, 2018

I made a trellis (to support creeper/hanging plants). This is the assembled structure. They are cucumber and bitter gourd plants, about a month old. I got carried away while designing the trellis. It
Sep 13, 2018

Hardware for the tilting shoerack bought from AV Enterprises, 9842231478/9487831478
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